Academy Baptist Church
Academy Cemetery 2251 County Road 700 Blue Mountain MS 38610
(c. 1843) Located 7 miles South of Ripley on 
Old Pontotoc (Academy) Road; NE 1/4 NW 1/4 S 27 TS5 R3E 

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Academy Cemetery (Baptist), Tippah County, MS

Located on County Road 700, but the road is also known as the old Ripley/Pontotoc Road, or old Hwy. 15.

John Bell McAllister
b. 29 Oct 1796, d. 9 Feb 1871

B03-1 Husband of Mary Ann Perry and Martha Ann Perry Ezell, oldest son of Barnabus, the B03 progenitor.
Mary Ann Perry McAllister, 
b. 16 Oct 1795 d. 7 Jun 1865

1st wife of John Bell McAllister - click photo to see "before" condition
Martha Ann Perry Ezell McAllister, 
b. 1827 d. 1890

Widow of Noah Ezell, cousin to Mary Ann Perry McAllister & 2nd wife of John Bell McAllister and mother to B03-1-4 John Robert McAllister

Zachariah Porter McAllister
b. 1815, d. 1847
Sorry, no photo available

B03-1-1, oldest child of John Bell McAllister
Bennett Carroll Simpson McAllister
b. 16 Sep 1816, d. 28 Apr 1894 
Bennett Carroll Simpson McAllister
B03-1-2- Second child of John Bell McAllister - had 4 wives
Mary Ann Elizabeth Norriss (sic)
b. 23 Nov 1823 d. 19 Dec 1881 

B01-1-3 - Third child of John Bell McAllister and his 1st wife, Mary Ann Perry

BCS House
One of four houses built by Bennett Carroll Simpson McAllister for his daughters,
just down the road from Ebenezer Church. This is the only one still standing as of April, 2016.

Elizabeth Cole McAllister
b. 27 Nov 1829 d. 22 Jul 1886 

1st wife of B. C. S. McAllister
John Cole 
b. 1795, d. 12 Feb 1865

- father of Elizabeth Cole who was first wife of B. C. S. McAlliste
Permelia Cole
b. 16 Jun 1808 d. 10 Sep 1858

wife of John Cole, mother of Elizabeth Cole McAllister

Florence McAllister, 
b. 31 Dec 1848, d. 24 Jul 1928

Oldest child of B. C. S. McAllister & Elizabeth Cole
Martha "Mattie" Elizabeth McAllister
b. 16 Aug 1861, d.16 Aug 1922 
Martha McAllister

Second daughter of B. C. S. McAllister & Elizabeth Cole, wife of Flavius Guyton
Mary Ann Alice (McAllister
b. 15 Sep 1853 d. 5 Apr 1862 
Mary Ann Alice (McAllister

Third daughter of B. C. S. McAllister and Elizabeth Cole McAllister

William Martin (McAllister) 
b. 6 Nov 1856, d. 26 Sep 1859 

Son of B. C. S. McAllister and Elizabeth McAllester (sic)
Kate Permilia Cole McAllister
b. 12 Mar 1859, d. 11 Jun 1911 
Kate Permilia Cole McAllister

Fourth daughter of B. C. S. McAllister amd wife of William Pressley Wiseman
 Emma Alice McAllister Patterson
b. 16 Aug 1861, d. 1954 

Wife of Robert H. Patterson and fifth daughter of B. C. S. McAllister

Virginia Lee (McAllister)
b. 5 Nov 1864, d. 26 Aug 1867 

Sixth daughter of B. C. S. McAllister and Elizabeth Cole McAllister
John Wilson Norriss (sic)
b. 5 Feb 1818, d. 1915 

Sorry, no photo available
Husband of Mary Ann Elizabeth McAllister
Andrew Norriss (sic)
b. 25 Feb 1791 d. 23 Nov 1874 

Beatrice Cole Guyton
b. 27 Jun 1899 d. 28 Feb 1968 
Beatrice Cole Guyton

Walter Guyton
b. 7 Dec 1886 d. 15 Apr 1952 
Walter Guyton

Husband of Beatrice C. Guyton
Emma McAllister
B. 11 Mar 1882 

D. J. Guytom
b.26 Dec 1840 d. 11 Jun 1862 
D. J. Guytom

Martha A. (Ann) McAllester (sic)
b. 16 Sep 1824, d. 13 Jul 1845 

Clara L.
b. 1852, d. 15 Jan 1893 

wife of J. E. Crawford

Nelson Norris
b. 22 Nov 1822 d. 26 Aug 1862 
Nelson Norris

Died during war?
Susan E. Norris
b. 28 Oct 1825 d. 12 Jun 1894 
Susan E. Norris

Little Sallie Wiseman
b. 2 Nov 1893 d. 11 Nov 1895 


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