Clan McAllister of America (CMA) was founded in 1990 with the mission of searching for McAlister history and genealogy all over America. We have records that connect many of our forefathers to their ancestors who emigrated to America from Scotland and Ireland.

Members. There are now more than 1200 CMA member families. The organization is completely run by dedicated volunteers who are McAlister descendants. Every two years we hold a national gathering of McAlisters. We learn about our Scottish beginnings, trace the family migration over the Atlantic and across America, share the story of our own ancestors, and just to experience the fellowship. We have had great times in Greenville, South Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; Little Rock, Arkansas; Tupelo, Mississippi and Tulsa, Oklahoma, Roanoke, Virginia, Norman, Oklahoma, Huntsville, Alabama, Tysons Corners, Virginia, Nashville, Tennessee, Savannah, Georgia, Dallas Texas and Clarksville Indiana.

A Journal comes to your home every three months. We believe this is one of the finest family history publications anywhere! It includes family stories, genealogical listings, and many other articles of human interest, all involving McAlisters! We get this information from our clan cousins -- folks just like you. The journal alone is reason enough to belong. In 1997 it won a National Award for "Service to Readers!" Another benefit of membership is a full listing of your line, as far back as we know.

Family history is very important to us -- too important to keep in a shoebox or a scrapbook where only a few can see it. We have a considerable library containing copies of family histories, vital documents, photographs, genealogical materials, news clippings, and other items that hundreds of members have sent. By sharing our heritage everyone benefits. Family trees are entered into a data base that has grown to contain 96,000+ McAlisters and descendants! This is the way we connect families. Sometimes members are able to only give us their great-grandfather's name. We can often link them back to a Scottish immigrant, or find previously unknown relations that may live nearby or across the country. We invite you to join us and take advantage of our combined genealogical resources.

Different Strokes

There are two easy ways to join and participate in CMA membership.

  1. Click here for a printable membership and subscription form. The form can be filled out online, saving time and hassle. Then, simply print it and send it along with your check to the Membership Chairman as shown on the form.
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