McAllister / McAlister Gravestones

Bunyan, Upper Green's Creek and West End Cemeteries in Erath County, Texas
Includes J24 line

Upper Green's Creek

Sent by Linda Frank
Mountain View Cemetery,
Union Bridge, Carroll County Maryland
Includes C01 line

Union Bridge

Taken by Jeanne Bowman, C01
Fredonia Cemetery,
Hanover, Stone County, Arkansas
Includes AJ02 line


Taken by J. A. McAlister, J02

Academy Cemetery, Blue Mountain,
Tippah County, MS.
Includes B03 line

Academy Cemetery

Taken by Sandra McCollum
& Robert C. McAllister, B03
Lost Creek Valley Cemetery,
McAlisterville, Juniata County, PA.
Includes C01 Line

Lost Creek

Taken by Jeanne Bowman
and Scott Dykes, C01,
1 September 2009
McAlister Cemetery, Ripley, MS
Includes N05 line


Taken 9-12 July 2002
by Wade Starr, N05

Barren Creek, Laurel Hill, Nelson, Little Creek and St. Marys
in Maryland and Delaware
Includes N10 Line

Various locations

Photos by Colin McAlister, C01
McAllister Cemetery, County Road 81, Union County, MS
Includes B03 line

McAllister Cemetery gates

Taken by Sandra McCollum, B03
Ebenezer Cemetery, Blue Mountain,
Tippah County, MS. Includes B03 line

Ebenezer Cemetery

Taken by Sandra McCollum & Robert C. McAllister, B03

Odd Fellows Rest Cemetery, Aberdeen, Monroe County, MS
includes B03 line.

Odd Fellows Rest Cemetery

Photos by Robert C. McAllister, B03
Saltillo Cemetery, Saltillo MS.
Includes B03 line

Saltillo Cemetery

Photos by Robert C. McAllister, B03

McCallister Cemetery, Gilson, Knox County, IL
J04 line(s)

Photos from
St Brendan's Chapel, Skipness, Ayr
Unknown line(s) Skipness Chapel 20080425 02

Photos by Sandy J. MacAllister, C16

Photos below were taken 28 June 2008 at the Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, GA, by Sandy MacAllister
(Click photo for larger view)
Mittie Moore McAllister
B. 24 Apr 1913
Mittie Moore McAllister

Wallace McAllister
B. 30 May 1905
Wallace McAlliste

William Howard McAllister, B. 3 Aug 1902
and Edith Cribbs McAllister, B. 4 Dec 1912
W. H. McAllister


Photo submitted 3 November 2008 by
Richard L. McAllister, A01-2-6-3-1-5-B-1-2.
He writes, "His head stone fell into disrepair and was replaced in 1972 by the DAR, since he is a veteran of the Revolutionary War. Please also note that my name, along with that of my wife, is carved into the headstone just behind Andrew. I took advantage of a family plot that had a vacancy. Andrew was my fifth great grandfather. These are at the Mound Cemetery in Marietta, Ohio. The original headstone bore this inscription:"

     My Flesh shall slumber in the ground
     Till the last trumpet joyful sound
     Then burst the chains with sweet surprise
     And in my Savior's image rise.

(Click photo for larger view)
Andrew McAllister, B. 6 Sep 1741
Andrew McAllister