by L. Jeanne Bowman

Long time member, Robert Jesse McAlister CMA member #393, my brother Scott Dykes and I have been working together and have connected a very large section of McAllister / McCallister families living in and around Hopewell Township, York County, PA now known as James, J78. This research was supported by a little booklet compiled by Helen Blasser Zeller found in York Heritage Library, File #3472, York Pa. In addition, there are many news clipping and the U.S. Federal Census that I cross-referenced to this booklet and placed them in booklets to the Genealogy Committee in May 2009. This material and some important DNA results from Robert Jesse placed him in subgroup # 2. This research leads us to believe J78 is the seventh son of Hugh, H02. All paperwork has been submitted and to my knowledge approved, but we need a Gedcom to submit for final approval by the Gen Comm before lines will be merged.

On September 8 2009, brother Scott Dykes, Carl F. McAlister, his wife Joan (Wentz) and I took a field trip to McAlisterville, Juniata County, PA. As we topped the ridge we located McAlistersville, which opened up to a very beautiful valley floor, with great acreage and farm land and steams. Soon we located The Lost Creek Presbyterian Cemetery and listed the many McAlisters buried there as follows. 

Lost Creek Cemetery
By Jeanne Bowman and Scott Dykes, September 2009
With research help from J. A. McAlister, we believe these people to be the family of H02-3.

Lost Creek Presbyterian Cemetery is located on Singer Hill Road, just off Rockland Road in Fayette Township.Comments, connections, cross-references and new submissions are welcome. See the CMA journal, MacAlasdair Clan for Winter, 2013 for more information.
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James McAlister d. 25 Jul 1878
age 57 years 

James McAlister

Line Note: H02-7-2-1 ?
Mary F. (Leonard) McAlister
b. 12 Dec. 1894 d. 6 Mar 1978 
wife of H. Harrison McAlister

Mary F. McAlister

Line Note: H02-3-3-4-8-3

Hugh Linn McAlister, b. 1916 d. 1977

Hugh Linn McAlister

Line :H02-3-3-4-8-3-1
Lane L. McAlister, b. 28 Jul 1918 d. 28 Apr 2001

Lane L. McAlister

Line Note: H02-3-3-4-8-3-2

W. Harrison McAlister, b. 20 Nov 1815 d. 1 Nov. 1895
Rebecca J. Kelly, b. 7 Jul 1825 d. 28 Sep 1913

W. Harrison McAlister

Line Note: H02-4-2-3
Sally Thompson McAlister, d. 29 Jun 1897
86 yrs 5 mos. 23 days

Sally Thompson McAlister

Line Note: H02-4-2-1

Annie McAlister d. 17 Sep 1891
wife of James Gilfilen 
66 yrs 5 mos. 22 days 

Annie McAlister

Line Note: H02-4-2-6
John B. McAlister d. 29 Jun 1891 
69 yrs 8 mos. 18 days

John B. McAlister

Line Note: H02-4-2-5

William McAlister - d. 14 Apr 1861
80 yrs 7 mos 18 days

William McAlister

Line Note: H02-4-2
Mary McCulley d. 2 Jul 1847
59 yrs 10 mos. 10 days
Wife of William

Mary McCulley

Line Note: H02-4-2

S. L. McAlister Family

S. L. McAlister Family

Line Note: H02-3-3-4-8?
Stephen Loyd McAlister
b. 25 Nov 1840 d. 13 May 1933
Battallion E 3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery

Stephen Loyd McAlister

Line Note: H02-3-3-4-8

Anna M. Elliott 
b. 7 Dec 1844 d. 30 May 1918
Wife of S. L. McAlister

Anna M. Elliott

Line Note: H02-3-3-4-8
Jane Elliott McAlister
b. 13 Feb 1883, d. 29 Mar 1962

Jane Elliott McAlister

Line Note: H02-3-3-4-8-1

Hugh H. McAlister IV
b. 11 May 1887 d. 23 May 1943 

Hugh H. McAlister

Line Note: H02-3-3-4-8-3
Mary Rhoda McAlister 
b. 17 Apr 1885 d. 2 Jan 1953 

Mary Rhoda McAlister

Line Note: H02-3-3-4-8-2

Hugh McAlister 
d. May 02 1867 61 yrs 6 mos. 

Hugh McAlister

Line: H02-3-5-2
William Irvine McAlister 
b. 7 Nov 1847 d. 9 May 1924 

William Irvine McAlister

Line Note: H02-3-3-6-4

Hanna C(atherine Westfall). McAlister
d. 26 Mar 1900 66 yrs 2 mos. 16 days
Wife of J. A. McAlister

Hanna C. McAlister

Line Note: H02-4-6-5
James Allen McAlister 
d. 16 Jul 1891 - 64 yrs 9 mos. 26 days

James Allen McAlister

Line Note: H02-4-6-5

Rachel Agnes McAlister Harshberger 
b. 3 Aug 1837- d. 9 Aug 1921
Wife of Joseph Van Ormer

Rachel McAlister Harshberger

Line Note: H02-3-5-2-3
Henry Harshberger M.D. 
b. 8 Feb 1818 - d. 28 Jan 1883 
(first husband to Rachel)

Henry Harshberger

Line Note: H02-3-5-2-3

Jane T. McAlister 
b. 11 Mar 1822 - d. 27 Sep 1890 68 yrs 6 mos 6 days 

Jane T. McAlister

Line Note: H02-4-3-8
R. Wilson Jamison
b. 24S ep 1816 - d. 1 Jun 1875
Sarah T. McAlister 
b. 24 Jun 1823 - d. 20 Nov 1896

R. Wilson Jamison

Line Note: H02-4-4-4

James McAlister, b. 1801 d. 1 Sep 1871

James McAlister

Line Note:
Isabella C. McAlister, b. 1811 d. 1885
Wife of James McAlister
Isabella C. McAlister

Line Note:

infant Daughter, d. 12 Jan 18??
of James and Isabella McAlister (above)


Line Note:
infant Daughter 2 d. July 1846?, 
of James and Isabella McAlister (above)


Line Note:

Emma C. ?, b. 1861 d. 1947


Line Note:
Frances E. McAlister 
d. 3 Jul 1854 - 2 yrs 25 days

Frances E. McAlister

Line Note: H02-3-6-9-1

Double "L" McAllisters, probably unrelated to the above, but in the same cemetery.

G. Washington McAllister 
b. 9 Feb 1828 - d. 6 Sep 1902
Mary Myers b. 13 Nov 1827 - d. 8 Jan 1908

G. Washington McAllister

Line Note: H02-3-6-9
George Irvine McAllister
b 28 Sep 1890 d. 13 April 1966 
Isadora Reynolds b. 22 Oct 1889 d. 12 Dec 1966

George Irvine McAllister - Isadora Reynolds

Line Note: H02-3-6-9-5-2

Andrew G. McAllister, d. 27 Apr 1869

Andrew C. McAllister

Line Note: H02-7-2-5-8?

Thomas McAllister, d. 12 ?? 1861
Aged 29 years, 5 months 22 days

Thomas McAllister

Line Note:
Mary J. McAllister, b. XXX d. ? Apr 1872?
Wife of Thomas, b. XXX d. XXX

Mary J. McAllister

Line Note:

Visited, Sept 1, 2009, by Scott Dykes and L. Jeanne Bowman, along with Carl McAlister and his wife, Joan Wentz.

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