Scanned Archive Files (DVD)

            Over the 20+ years since the CMA was formed, folks have generously shared their files, stories, records, newspaper clippings and genealogical data. Thanks to diligent and thoughtful volunteers, these files have allways been made available for review and copying at each Gathering. Numbering a bit over 300, these files contain the assembled records for each ancestral line. Some files are really thin, containing only one or two pages. Others are several inches thick.

Files scanned

            The number and volume of the files has grown over the years until they now occupy about 16 hanging file boxes and weigh nearly 600 pounds. The sheer logistics of making these available to the membership is significant. While the files will again be available at the next Gathering, concerns were raised about the possibility of fire, flood or some other calamity damaging or destroying this significant resource. Consequently, during the early months of 2012, the files were all scanned into computer files. The files are in Adobe's universal Portable Document Format (PDF), which can be read via the free reader in any type of computer. Wherever possible, the files were also converted to searchable text. Some documents like hand-written letters, photos, scribbled notes and faded pages do not permit conversion to searchable text but their images, like photocopies, are still viewable.

            The complete collection of these 300+ files (approximately 46,000 pages!) is now available to *current CMA members* on DVD. The files are searchable using the free Acrobat reader. For security, the files are copy-protected, which means that the contents of the DVD cannot be printed or copy/pasted into another electronic document.

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Scanned Archive Files on DVD
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Scottish Research Project (SRP) Wiki

            Alternatively, the entire contents of the Scottish Research Project is now available in an on-line, easily-searchable database format, which contains all the above files, plus the Scottish Research Project's 1600+ transcribed McAlister (any spelling) record files, including sasines, censuses, parochial birth and death records, and other documents, some dating from the 16th century. As with the DVDs above, this is only available to *current CMA members with at least 2 years left on their membership*. The price for two years access is $25. Once ordered, a unique login and password will be provided to you. See a partial listing. of the files.

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